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Rafael Grohmann


Assistant Professor

Location: HW 428A


Media Studies


Assistant Professor of Media Studies with focus on Critical Platform and Data Studies at University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC), with a graduate cross-appointment at the Faculty of Information (iSchool). Leader of DigiLabour Initiative. Researcher of Fairwork project. Editorial Board Member of Big Data & Society and Work, Employment and Society journals. Member of Scholars Council, Center for Critical Internet Inquiry (C2i2), UCLA. Founding Board Member of Labor Tech Research Network. His research interests include platform cooperativism and worker-owned platforms, work & AI, workers' organization, platform labour, communication/media and work. He holds a Ph.D. in Communication from the University of São Paulo.


Ph.D. Communication, University of São Paulo, Brazil (2016)
M.Sc. Communication, University of São Paulo, Brazil (2012)
BA, Social Sciences, Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil (2009)


Faculty of Information (iSchool)

Teaching Interests

Platform Labour; Critical Data Studies; Platform Economy; Media Studies in Latin America; Data and Artificial Intelligence

Research Interests

Platform Labour; Platform Cooperativism; Work, Data and Artificial Intelligence; Media Workers; Workers' Organization

Awards & Grants

Emerging Leadership Award. Awarded by the Brazilian Association of Researchers in Communication and Media, Intercom.


Grohmann, R., Pereira, G., Guerra, A., Abilio, L., Moreschi, B. & Jurno, A. (2022). Platform scams: Brazilian workers’ experiences of dishonest and uncertain algorithmic management. New Media & Society, 24 (7). 
Journal Article

Grohmann, R. (2021). Rider Platforms?: Building Worker-Owned Experiences in Spain, France, and Brazil. South Atlantic Quarterly. 120 (4): 839–852. 
Journal Article

Grohmann, R. & Araújo, W. (2021). Beyond Mechanical Turk: The Work of Brazilians on Global AI Platforms. In: Verdegem, P. (ed.). AI for Everyone? Critical Perspectives. London: University of Westminster Press. 
Book Chapter

Grohmann, R. (2022). Beyond platform cooperativism: worker-owned platforms in Brazil. Interactions, 29 (4). 

Public Engagement

Rafael Grohmann and Paris Marx
Gig Work is Not a Novelty in Brazil w/ Rafael Grohmann’. Oct 12, 2021.
Oct 12, 2021
Tech Won't Save Us Podcast

Rafael Grohmann and Mohan Dutta
"Like A Tinder For Academic Publications" - Open Data Access in Brazil 
April, 2022
Interventions from the Global South Podcast - International Communication Association (ICA) -

Paola Ricaurte and Rafael Grohmann
Data sovereignty and alternative development models
October, 2021


Rafael Grohmann - Co-PI - Fairwork Brazil. All collaborators are listed here:
Since 2020


Professional Practice


Rafael Grohmann
DigiLabour Initiative / Newsletter, Interviews, Posts
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Rafael Grohmann
Platform Cooperativism Observatory in Brazil
Since 2021

Rafael Grohmann, Kelle Howson, Claudia Nociolini Rebechi, Julice Salvagni, Marcos Aragão, Roseli Figaro, Rodrigo Carelli, Victória da Silva, Ludmila Costhek Abílio, Ana Flávia Marques, Camilla Voigt Battistela, Jacqueline Gameleira, Helena Farias, Mark Graham and Tatiana López Ayala
Fairwork Brazil Ratings 2021: Towards Decent Work in the Platform Economy