Minor in Literature and Film Studies

Charlie Chaplin

The Minor in Literature and Film Studies allows students to study cinema both as a specific art form with its own history and "language" and as a medium that emerges in the broader context of literary and other cultural production. Courses focus on specific filmmakers, movements, genres, and eras, as well as on special themes and critical topics in film studies. 


The program encourages comparative thinking and offers students the opportunity to engage critically with various issues including the place of technology and visual culture in modernity; the politics of the screen image; the relation between literature and cinema;  the role of cinema in globalism and consumer culture; and how the continuing evolution of the moving image and "screen culture" situates us as readers and as viewers. 


 Requirements for the Minor in Literature and Film Studies  

4.0 full credits in English are required.  

1. 1.5 credit as follows: 

ENGB70H3 Introduction to Cinema 

ENGB75H3 Cinema and Modernity I 

ENGB76H3 Cinema and Modernity II 

2. 0.5 credits as follows:
ENGA10H3  Introduction to Twentieth-Century Literature and Film: 1890 to World War II 


ENGA11H3 Introduction to Twentieth-Century Literature and Film: 1945 to Today 

3. 1.0 credits at the C-or D-level, from the following: 

ENGC56H3 Literature and Media: From Page to Screen 

ENGC76H3 The Body in Literature and Film 

ENGC78H3 Dystopian Visions in Fiction and Film 

ENGC82H3 Cinema Studies: Themes and Theories 

ENGC83H3 Studies in World Cinema 

ENGD52H3 Cinema: The Auteur Theory 

ENGD62H3 Topics in Postcolonial Literature and Film 

ENGD91H3 Avant-Garde Cinema 

ENGD93H3 Theoretical Approaches to Cinema 

ENGD94H3 Stranger than Fiction: The Documentary Film 

ENGD96H3 Iranian Cinema 

 4. 1.0 additional credits in English 


Note: Film courses selected from other departments and discipline will be approved for the Minor in Literature and Film Studies on a case-by-case basis. 

For more details on program requirements, visit the UTSC Calendar. Questions about the program should be directed to Professor Garry Leonard (leonardgarry@hotmail.com). 

Interested in learning more about how our courses are structured and how you might develop your own path through your Minor in Literature and Film Studies? Visit our Routes and Threads page.