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Minor in English Literature

Prof. Andrea Charise teaching in seminar

Are you passionate about literature but don’t feel you want to commit to a Major or Specialist program in the area? The Minor in English Literature offers students a flexible opportunity to build literary studies into their broader university program. Students can select from a wide array of courses to create a specific area of concentration within the Minor or to explore a range of literary topics and approaches. The critical reading and writing skills gained from a Minor in English Literature, meanwhile, will enrich any career path.

Here is a route map for navigating the Minor program (you can expand the map by right-clicking or option-clicking):

Requirements for the Minor Program in English Literature  

4.0 credits in English are required: ​

  1. ENGA01H3 What Is Literature?
  2. ENGA02H3 Critical Writing about Literature ​
  3. 3.0 additional credits in English, of which 1.0 credit must be at the C- or D-level

For more details on program requirements, visit the UTSC Calendar. Questions about program requirements should be directed to the Program Supervisor, Professor Karina Vernon ( 

Interested in learning more about how our courses are structured and how you might develop your own path through your Specialist program in English? Visit our Routes and Threads page.


For students who began their English program before 2018, the following requirements still apply. Please see our main Curriculum Changes page for further details about the 2018 curriculum updates.

Pre-2018 English Minor Requirements

4.0 credits in English are required: ​

  1. ENGB03H3 Critical Thinking About Narrative (retired; if you haven't completed this course you must now take ENGA01H3)
  2. ENGB04H3 Critical Thinking About Poetry (now called "How to Read a Poem")
  3. ENGB05H3 Critical Writing about Literature (now ENGA02H3)
  4. 2.5 additional credits in English, of which 1.0 credit must be at the C- or D-level