Scarborough is not only home to the Feeding the City project (via the University of Toronto Scarborough), but it is also home to a wide range of incredible restaurants. In this podcast episode, Radiyah Chowdhury discusses Scarborough’s food scene, its history, and its tentative future that is precarious as a result of both the pandemic and longer-term challenges such as gentrification. Featured in this episode is our own Project Lead, Dr. Jayeeta Sharma. Here is the full description from the Frequency Podcast Network:

“No matter where you’re from, there’s probably a restaurant or a dish that reminds you of home. It’s the best food in the world to you because it makes you feel something: that cozy sense of belonging that’s hard to find these days. In this episode, producer Radiyah Chowdhury introduces us to her home in Scarborough, ON. Come explore the food scene in this oft-underestimated area of Toronto, where the cuisine represents a long and tangled history of colonialism, immigration, and the search for home. This is Radiyah’s paradigm.”