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The three Malvern community gardens are located in the Malvern neighbourhood, and reflect the diverse nature of the community. Gardeners come from Caribbean, South Asian, and European backgrounds. (Photo: Google Maps)

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Randy Bhagwan, Malvern Garden Lead and Communication Coordinator of the Malvern Food Security Workgroup. Due to physical distancing measures, the gardeners and garden leads must be more mindful of when they go to the garden, to ensure that all members have an opportunity to work. The garden leads now spread out their availability and schedule days off. (Photo: Randy Bhagwan)

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A 2020 harvest, to be donated to a local food bank. In regular years, Malvern community gardens donate food to local food banks and meal programs. However, due to the pandemic, many meal programs have opted to cater food or stop service altogether, resulting in increased donations of garden yields to food banks instead. (Photo: Randy Bhagwan)

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The Malvern community gardens hoophouse. The hoophouse is used for extending the gardening season, allowing gardeners to access the space for more months of the year. In the future, the gardeners hope to improve their infrastructure to grow year-round, so that gardeners can both grow food and relationships within the community during winter months. (Photo: Randy Bhagwan)

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Volunteers at a workday in the community garden. Because of the pandemic, workdays have been suspended and non-gardeners are not allowed to work in the garden space. As a result, community members cannot access the educational and practical experience to help them start growing and harvesting their own food. (Photo: Randy Bhagwan)

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A garden member during a donation harvest. Despite the month-long delay in opening gardens due to the pandemic, gardeners were able to work harder than usual and plant everything in two weeks. The garden yields support gardeners, weekly donations, and other garden activities. (Photo: Randy Bhagwan)

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Children engaging with the community gardens in 2015 (left) and more recently (right). The Malvern community gardens work to include all members of the community, from senior citizens to young children. Local summer camps receive tours of the gardens, as pictured on the right. (Photos: MANC Newsletter 2015, Randy Bhagwan)