The Alternative Federal Budget Recovery Plan is an offshoot project of the Alternative Federal Budget project. It is a collaboration among organizations and researchers from a variety of sectors including:  populations, and areas of expertise including human rights, labour, environmental protection, anti-poverty, arts and culture, social development, child development, international development, women, Indigenous peoples, the faith-based community, students, teachers, education, and health care workers. This piece has a clear focus on the investments Canada needs to make during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to ensure a just, equitable and sustainable recovery. Key Issues in the AFB Recovery plan requiring immediate action are as follows to, implement universal public child care so people can get back to work, reform employment insurance, strengthen safeguards for public health, decarbonize the economy, and tackle the gender, racial, and income inequality that COVID-19 has further exposed. To read more and to download your copy please click here