EES1114H Directed Readings in Environmental Science I

The Research Paper (EES1101Y) is designed to provide students with the experience of carrying out fundamental research within a specific area of interest to them within Environmental Science. Together with a Directed Readings course (EES1114H), the experience allows students to delve into a particular topic of current significance and carry out studies that may contribute to a research paper in a scientific journal, and defend it in an oral presentation. This course will be particularly useful for those students intending to pursue a higher degree in Environmental Science (e.g. Ph.D.); however all students will benefit from familiarity with the realities of basic research.


Research Projects will involve the following steps.

  • Identify an area of interest and approach potential supervisors with the goal of finding one willing to supervise and support your research project in that area. Use the EES1100H fall course assignment for research students – the research backgrounder – as your opportunity to do initial background reading and reporting on your area of interest.
  • Enroll in and complete a Direct Readings course (EES1114H) with your supervisor. With their help, identify the specific aspect or problem that you can feasibly work on, and begin studies within this course structure (see EES1114H guidelines).
  • Enroll in EES1101Y. Over a four‐month period (minimum) carry out the proposed research with the help of your supervisor and personnel in his or her lab. This work may involve field or laboratory research or involve data already being compiled by the student in connection with her/his employment.
  • Submit a final written research report in scientific journal format to your supervisor and to the department. Present the highlights of the research to an examination committee (this can be done in a group setting in early September). The committee (your supervisor and two other members of the graduate faculty) will collectively decide on the grade you should receive for the research course.]
  • The research work and paper may be completed within four months if the student wishes to graduate within one year. However, longer periods of time may be granted for this course.

*This course is mandatory for TAS and CCIA research stream students