Strategic Management

Esther, U of T Scarborough Management student

At its most fundamental level, effective strategic management is about understanding and successfully managing strategic interactions with other firms and individuals. Strategic interactions take place whenever our fortunes depend not only on our own actions, but also on the actions of our partners and competitors (and vice versa). In these instances, our optimal actions—and those of our partners and competitors—are inextricably connected. How should we think about these interactions and formulate an action plan?

The Strategic Management specialty will give you the skills to address this essential question. Integrating tools from economics and other management disciplines, you will gain a profound understanding of business and corporate strategy and their sub-disciplines, and/or entrepreneurship.

Overall, as a Strategic Management specialist you will develop an ability to identify, simplify, and analyze highly complex business problems, to strategize implementable solutions, and to articulate the key elements of your strategic reasoning in a simple, compelling and engaging way to a non-expert audience. Indeed, the strategic mindset that you will gain from this specialty will help you successfully navigate the stormy waters of business, whether you plan a career as a management consultant, economic consultant, corporate manager, entrepreneur, or investment banker.

U of T Scarborough's Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Specialist Program in Strategic Management, with optional co-op, comprises two streams:

  • The Management Strategy stream gives students a broad exposure to all functional areas of management, preparing them for senior management roles in private sector, public sector, non-for-profit organizations, and management consulting firms.
  • The Entrepreneurship stream provides students with the tools to take a self-employment or entrepreneurial career path, including start-ups, taking over a family business, or working in consulting. 

Sample Strategic Management Courses

For a full list of required courses to complete a Specialist in Management and Strategic Management, please refer to the Academic Calendar.

Career Options

U of T Scarborough’s BBA degree specializing in Strategic Management allows our students to gain experience by applying the latest management and strategic management theories to real-world problems both inside and outside the classroom. Sample roles of work term students and recent graduates include:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Product Strategist
  • Project Analyst
  • Project Management Coordinator
  • Consultant
  • Business Development Coordinator
  • Strategic Initiatives Associate
  • Consumer Insight Analyst

Strategic Management students secure co-op and full-time roles with successful companies such as:

  • Ontario Public Service
  • PwC Canada
  • Rogers Communication
  • Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan
  • Monitor Deloitte
  • City of Toronto
  • Toronto Transit Commission
  • Samsung Electronics Canada Inc.
  • Ontario Power Generation

More Career Options: Program Tipsheet