Pamela Medina Quispe

Pamela Medina Quispe

Assistant Professor, Economics

Research Interests: 

International Trade • Industrial Organization • Development Economics

Awards and Grants: 

2015                 Research Grant, Department of Economics, Duke University
Summer 2015 Research Travel Grant, Development Fund, Duke University
Summer 2015 CLACS Graduate Student Field Research Travel Grants, Duke University
Summer 2014 Judy C. Woodruff Fellowship, Graduate School, Duke University
2010                Graduate fellowship, Department of Economics, Duke University
2009                Amy Mahan Young Researcher Fellowships in ICT Inclusion Policies - DIRSI
2008-2009-     Economic and Social Research Consortium (CIES) fellowship
2007                Distinction of Academic Excellence, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru
2007                Award of academic Excellence, Prima AFP
2005-2006       Invited participant to 2005 and 2006 Annual Students’ Convention (CADE)


Ph.D. student in Economics, Duke University
M.A. in Economics, Duke University

B.A. in Economics, Summa cum Laude, Pontifical Catholic University of Perú, Lima, Perú.