Message From The Chair

David Zweig

To put it mildly, a lot has changed over the past few months in the Management Department. We have moved to our beautiful new building with its state-of-the art classrooms, caserooms, research labs, and study spaces. Our co-op department is operating out of new and expanded facilities, our new Finance Lab will be opening soon, and we will be launching the new Management in International Business program next year. It’s an exciting time to be in Management.

As the new chair, I am very grateful and very excited for the opportunity to lead this fantastic department this year. Just like all of us who start off in new jobs, I am learning something new every day – sometimes, every hour. For those alumni who I haven’t taught, my background is in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources. I try to teach my students about the things they need to know that will have an impact on their future success.  The faculty and staff of the Management Department make sure that every student leaves this program with a similar level of technical skill and expertise. But, what really differentiates us from everyone else in the workplace is how well we interact and communicate with others, how we stay motivated, how well we motivate others, and how effectively we lead. This is what I try to teach my students in Organizational Behaviour. I truly believe that tomorrow’s leaders are created here - right here - in our Management Department at UTSC.

As we look forward with excitement, some of you might remember where we started. When I first started working here in 2001, our department was located in the H-wing. I taught my first lecture in what is now the upper seating area of the cafeteria. Look at us now! We are embarking on an exciting new road that will see us grow our faculty and staff, develop fantastic new programs, enhance the services we offer to students, and forge the path to creating our own school or faculty.

Our department has long been committed to offering the best undergraduate business program in North America. Our faculty is made up of world-class researchers and teachers. Our staff is dedicated to supporting the success of this department and our students. But, we can only accomplish our goals with the help of the MAA. You represent us to the world. Along with the rest of the faculty and staff, I am looking forward to working with you to support MAA’s initiatives and events. Thank you for representing us so well.

We are all very proud of our former Management students. We held you to high standards and you exceeded them. With your help, we are creating tomorrow’s leaders here.

David Zweig
Chair, Department of Management
University of Toronto at Scarborough