Lachezar Arabadzhiev

Lachezar Arabadzhiev | BBA 2017

Varna, Bulgaria

Program: Management & International Business

Previous Work Terms: TimePlay, Microsoft Canada, Microsoft Florida

Why did you choose UTSC Management? The international component is what convinced me to apply and perhaps the valuable co-op experience; I did not know how co-op worked before I applied, but I just knew that work experience is something that would add a lot of value to my degree. Being able to apply the knowledge offered at school into the workplace is extremely gratifying and useful.

What has been the highlight of your experience so far? Having the chance to create my own company and work on independent projects. With the help of the university resources and staff, I was able to create a wireless charging solutions company that provides power to public venues.

What are your goals after this program and how is this program helping you to achieve them? When I began my degree, the main goal was to broaden my perspective and see all the opportunities available out there, because any type of growth starts with awareness and knowing what is available. The co-op terms, networking events, and courses, all prepared me to achieve that goal and pick the best career path in the future.

What are your achievements to date? I have completed an internship at a large tech company (Microsoft) and had the chance to work on some of the monumental projects in the tech community such as the release of Windows 10 and the release of HoloLens.

What is the biggest hidden gem about the UTSC campus location? One of the best hidden gems of UTSC in my opinion would be “The Hub”, it’s an awesome place to start and grow your first business idea.

What are some of your favourite Management courses you have taken? "Market Research" (MGMC01H3) – I had a lot of fun building my analytical skills and as with every case-based course, there were many different companies and business environments to explore. "Communications" (MGTA36H3) –It was an extremely helpful course that got me out of my comfort zone and showed me the power of public speaking. "International Corporate Strategy" (MGIC01H3) – It changed my definition of “critical thinking” and enabled me to break-down complex business scenarios.

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