Julie McCarthy

Professor &
Associate Chair – External Relations and Strategic Initiatives

Phone: (416) 287-7342
Location: IC 392


Julie’s research examines how organizations can ensure that their policies and practices are viewed favorably by job applicants and employees. She also investigates strategies that individuals can use to build resilience and achieve success in their work and home lives. Her work is published in leading academic journals, including The Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, and Psychological Science, as well as book chapters in the influential Oxford Handbook Series. Her work is generously supported by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), and she has received numerous awards and recognitions for her research contributions.

In addition to receiving numerous awards and recognitions for her research contributions, Julie’s work has received a considerable amount of media attention. In the corporate sector, Julie has developed training programs, performance management systems and personnel selection tools on behalf public and private corporations. 

Professional Experience

Associate Professor, University of Toronto (2010–Present)
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto (2002–2010)
Instructor, Department of Psychology, University of Western Ontario (1998–2001)


PhD, Western University
MA, Western University
BA, Western University


Affiliations & Professional Service

Editorial Board; Journal of Applied Psychology (2014-present)

Editorial Board; Journal of Business and Psychology (2012-present)

Chair (Incoming); Alliance for Organizational Psychology Special Program Committee (2015-present)

SIOP Representative; Alliance Special Programming Committee (2014-2015)

Vice Principal Research (Acting), University of Toronto Scarborough (2013-2014)

Area Coordinator, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management; University of Toronto Scarborough (2009-2011)

Memberships: Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Academy of Management, European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, International Association for Applied Psychology

Teaching Interests

My teaching interests lie in organizational behavior, human resource management, leadership resilience and occupational health.

Research Interests

My research examines issues in the realm of employee selection and recruitment, workplace anxiety and stress, work recovery and resilience, and performance management.

Awards & Grants

2011-2015   Research Grant; Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)
2004-2009   Research Grant; Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)
2008-2009   Wynne and Beryl Plumptre Research Award; University of Toronto



Selected Publications - Papers

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Are Anxious Workers Less Productive Workers? It Depends on the Quality of Social Exchange.; McCarthy, J.M., Trougakos, J.P., & Cheng, B.H.; Journal of Applied Psychology, Forthcoming; 2015

Why Anxious Women May Outperform Anxious Men in Job Interviews.; Feeney, J., McCarthy, J., & Goffin, R.; International Journal of Selection and Assessment, Forthcoming.; 2015

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Managing work, family and school roles: Disengagement strategies can help and hinder.; Cheng, B.H., & McCarthy, J.M; Journal of Occupational Health Psychology; Issue: 18; 2013; Pages: 241-251

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Selected Publications – Book Chapters
McCarthy, J.M. & Cheng, B.H. (2013). Through the Looking Glass: Employment Interviews from the lens of Job Candidates. In U. Klehe and E. van Hooft (Eds.) Chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Job Loss and Job Search. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Truxillo, D.M., Bauer, T.N & McCarthy, J.M. (2015). Applicant Perspectives on Employee Selection Systems. In R. Cropanzano and M. Ambrose (Eds.) Forthcoming chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Justice in Work Organizations. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Truxillo, D.M., Bauer, T.N & McCarthy, J.M., & Anderson, N. (Forthcoming). Applicant Fairness Reactions to the Selection Process. In N. Anderson, C. Viswesvaran, Sinangil and D. Ones Applicant Perspectives on Employee Selection Systems. Chapter in the Handbook of Industrial, Work, and Organizational Psychology – 2nd Edition. Sage.