Co-op Option

UTSC Co-op Management Programs

Co-op education is a unique program based on a three-way partnership between the University of Toronto, the student, and the employer. Practical work placements alternate with study terms. Work placements begin in January, May or September for 4- or 8-month terms. With Management Co-op, you become part of a learning community.

High Academic Standards

Students are specially selected to the Co-op Program in Management through stringent admission criteria. The Co-op Program in Management accepts approximately 220 students per year.

The majority of these students are admitted directly from secondary school with a Grade 12 average in the mid 80's and above. These students are also expected to have an exceptional Co-op application profile, and strong mathematical skills. For more information please go to the Admissions Page.

Our Established Programs

The University of Toronto's co-operative education programs are offered exclusively at Scarborough. We have provided employers with intelligent, hardworking students, and the students with opportunities for valuable work experience, since 1975. Our program is continually enhanced to stay on the cutting edge. This provides a proven formula for success through an advanced curriculum including:

Management Principles
Management Consulting
International Business Management
Financial Accounting
Management Accounting
Operations Management
Public Management

Computer Management
Management Information Systems
Marketing Principles
Market Research
Human Resource Management
Organizational Behaviour
Information Technology

Our Values

Inspiring students to succeed
The Co-op Programs in Management at the University of Toronto Scarborough will be a recognized leader in co-operative education through innovation, excellence and positive learning experiences.

We believe in students
Through experiential learning, we know that each student has the ability to achieve his/her individual goals. By offering excellent service, flexibility and innovative programming, we provide the environment students need to turn their abilities into productive, exciting opportunities.

We value partnerships
We build lasting relationships with outstanding employers, alumni and faculty to prepare students to be proactive contributing members of the business community. We work one-on-one with employers to understand their needs and exceed their expectations.

Longevity: We focus on long-term relationship building with all stakeholders.
Flexibility: We recognize stakeholders’ unique needs, and commit to meet them creatively.

Learning & Innovation
Knowledge: We focus on continuous learning as a way to build and contribute to knowledge.
Development: We recognize the importance of meeting the personal and professional needs of stakeholders.
Leadership: We are a leader in ideas, thoughts and actions. Take risks to try new ideas and to seek creative ways of problem solving.
Forward-thinking: We work towards shaping the future and recognize the impact of our current actions on stakeholders’ futures.

Respect: We are respectful to stakeholders and each other in all aspects of service delivery.
Equitability: We treat each stakeholder fairly and provide him or her with an equal level of service.
Efficiency: We strive for a seamless flow of operations and follow through on commitments.