Why Hire MEnvSc Interns?

Why Hire MEnvSc Interns?

Our students are exceptionally well prepared for success.
Here are five reasons why you should collaborate with UTSC’s Master of Environmental Science program:

  1. Best In Class
    You’ll have access to top-tier students from one of Canada’s highest-ranked universities.
  2. Flexible Work Term Length

Our students are available for 4 months (or longer) work terms so you can choose a duration that best suits your organization’s projects and needs.

  1. Ready For Success

Our students arrive at your workplace well prepared.  Students in the Master of Environmental Science Program have a strong science base and take a significant number of courses in Environmental Science. The multi-disciplinary faculty and course offerings help students prepare for careers in a broad range of industry sectors. Our students have access to over 30+ challenging graduate courses that prepare them for the professional world of work.

Our students are continually supported throughout their job search semester(s) with professional skills training and in-class workshops on topics that include: the environmental labour market, workplace expectations, professionalism, networking, and more. 

  • experiential learning opportunities
  • employer guest speakers that focus on job search preparation and skills;
  • alumni-to-peer mentoring events;
  • mock interviews;
  • participation in exclusive student-employer networking events.
  1. Recruit According To Your Timelines

No posting deadlines. Post job descriptions, interview candidates and hire whenever you are ready. Our internal job board opens in early December of each year and employers are encouraged to post early to have access to the largest candidate pool. Please refer to the ‘How to Hire a MEnvSc Intern’ section or contact the internship office at 416-287-7506 or at hiremasters.utsc@utoronto.ca for more information.

  1. Full-Service Operation

Partner with us and we'll take care of the recruitment logistics. Just send us the job description (online or by email), choose your favourite candidates, and conduct interviews at our office or yours. We’ll take care of promoting the jobs to our students, scheduling interviews, corresponding with students, coordinating offers, and more.