Conservation and Biodiversity

Current and projected rates of biodiversity loss constitute a major extinction event in the history of life on Earth. This alarming biodiversity loss is particularly serious given the irrefutable evidence of the importance of biodiversity to ecosystem resilience and sustainability, and, therefore, the provision of critical ecosystem services such as oxygen, clean water and sources of food. This field trains professionals in the application of ecological theory and principles to real-world conservation challenges, with an emphasis on multidisciplinary content and non-thesis options that allow more coursework to ensure young professionals are provided with the tools and knowledge they will need for productive careers.

Director of Program: Dr. Nicholas Mandrak

There are three program options (Research, Internship and Part-time) that are designed to allow flexibility for students with different backgrounds. All options draw upon a common pool of core courses.

Research Paper Option

Program I: Research Paper Option (Code is MEnvSc I)

Each student within this option will choose a Research Supervisor, who in consultation with the Program Director, will select appropriate courses for completion over two terms of instruction. The intensive research necessary for the Research Paper will normally be completed in the final summer semester.


Conservation & Biodiversity @ UTSC