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We're Hiring for the Communications & Outreach Team

UTSC English is hiring our new Communications & Outreach team for 2020-21!

We are looking for two work-study students to help us promote the department, communicate our programs and events, and generally work to make our department community as supportive and engaging as possible. Both positions will be conducted online, with no need to come to campus: All work will be supervised and completed remotely; the Assistant will meet their supervisor and other members of the Communications team weekly using online interfaces (e.g., Zoom, Teams, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.).

You can apply for the positions through the CLNx network:

The two positions are:

Communications & Outreach Assistant

The responsibilities of the Communications and Outreach Assistant in the Department of English will be to support the promotion of departmental programming and outreach, with a focus on how we manage our communications about curriculum, news, and events across multiple channels.

In a cultural context that is increasingly questioning the value of studying the humanities, it is essential that we help current and prospective students understand what a degree in English is, how it works, and what it offers. The Assistant will play a crucial role in helping to promote our ongoing events and programs, strategizing outreach opportunities, and underscoring the benefits of studying English at UTSC.

The Assistant will work in collaboration with faculty and staff, under the supervision of the Communications and Outreach liaison, Dr. Sonja Nikkila, as well as with members of the Executive of the Students of English Literature and Film (SELF) to help generate, assess, and distribute our promotional materials. The Assistant may also engage with others in the UTSC Communications community (such as the Campus Communications Caucus, and the Library’s Communications Assistant) in order to help integrate our Department’s efforts with broader efforts on our campus.

The Assistant will also help to ensure that departmental events and curriculum information (including ways of navigating our programs and any new or changing courses and requirements) are being promoted to students in ways that are both appealing and effective.

Job Posting: #167794 - Communications & Outreach Assistant

Social Media Assistant

The responsibilities of the Social Media Assistant in the Department of English will be focused on two elements in relation to our social media outreach: 1) Researching and strategizing the best uses of social media for an educational organization, and 2) maintaining the Department’s social media accounts.

We want to think critically and creatively about how the UTSC English accounts on Instagram and Twitter can be used effectively (to spread information and engage in conversations about studying English, as well as the place of a humanities education more broadly) but also conscientiously and safely, given the complex, changing digital environment. As our social media accounts are entering their third year, we are looking to expand our reach.

Our Social Media Assistant will primarily be responsible for the regular maintenance of our Instagram and Twitter accounts, but will also research best practices for educational social media and collaborate with the rest of the Communications team to increase our reach and interactions.

The Assistant will work under the supervision of the English Department’s Communications and Outreach liaison, Dr. Sonja Nikkila, and in collaboration with the student Communications Assistant. The Social Media Assistant may also liaise with other members of the Department, including faculty and the student executive of Students of English Literature & Film (SELF).

Job Posting: #167801 - Social Media Assistant


The Department of English is strongly committed to diversity within its community and welcomes applications from visible minority group members, women, Aboriginal persons, persons with disabilities, members of sexual minority groups, and others who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas.