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Welcome to the Department of English at the University of Toronto Scarborough! We are a diverse and close-knit group of students, faculty and staff united by a shared passion for the vital work that literature, writing, and film studies do in the world.

You can learn more about who we are -- including our teaching and research and our alumni community -- or scroll down to discover what's happening and to learn more about our specific programs and courses in English Literature, Creative Writing, and Film.


Choosing your courses


Looking for ideas and advice as you're thinking through your courses? Please check out the resources in our "Choosing Your Courses" section, including our current course descriptions, different thematic "clusters" of classes you can take, and a Spotlight on featured offerings.

You can also check in on your progress through your chosen program, or explore the requirements for switching or adding another one of our program options.

What I Learned in My English Degree
Explore the thoughts and reflections of graduating UTSC English students, who were asked to look back on their studies and identify what valuable lessons and skills they gained during their degree.
UTSC in the Movies
Get a historical, artistic, and theoretical tour of our campus through the eyes of UTSC English film professors Sara Saljoughi and Alice Maurice.