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Prof. Assif Awarded Jackman Residency

Photo of Prof. Assif with mirrored skyline of Jackman Humanities building

Congratulations to Prof. Maria Assif, who was awarded one of the prestigious Jackman Humanities Institute Scholars-in-Residence for 2021.

Prof. Assif will be supervising an undergraduate team in an intensive, paid research fellowship in humanities and humanistic social science research during May of this year. Her project title is "New Voices, New Vistas: Contemporary Arab Women Writers Database," and as part of the project, the Student Research Assistants will contribute to the upcoming digital database on contemporary Arab women writers from around the world. Student RAs will be trained to research and evaluate writings by Arab women social media influencers and activists; create Wikipedia entries on Arab women writers; and generate annotated bibliographies about seminal critical works in the field. In week four, all collaborators will co-author a reflective blog on this project to be published in one of the SaP (Students as Partners) sites.

For more information about the Scholars-in-Residence program and the 2021 projects (and to apply if you are an interested upper-year student!), please visit:

Interested in learning more about Prof. Assif's role in the department or arranging a meeting? Check out her faculty profile for research and teaching interests as well as her contact info and availability.

Posted: 2.1.2020