Art History & Visual Culture Major (HBA)

Admissions Category: Visual & Performing Arts, Arts Management, and Media

Program Overview

Art History & Visual Culture at UTSC is a unique and interdisciplinary program that not only focuses on global and contemporary art, but also provides students with a solid grounding in approaches to visual materials produced across time, cultures, classes, gender, and geography. Our faculty collaborate with many departments across U of T to bring an enormous library of knowledge to Art History & Visual Culture students including background and perspectives in painting, sculpture, architecture, film and photography. You will learn to evaluate and communicate critically about visual media in the classroom and through real-world learning experiences in galleries, museums, and other urban settings.

Complementary Programs:

 New Media StudiesMedia StudiesArts and Media ManagementArt History and Visual CultureMinor in English Literature, Minor in Creative Writing, Minor in Literature and Film