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Career-Related Workshops

What you will gain

  • Awareness of how your strengths, skills and interests relate to the world of work
  • Clear understanding of professional and graduate school options and application process
  • Generate possible career options
  • Build your job search skills (resume & cover letter writing, networking & interview techniques)
  • Connect with working professionals

Online Workshops

Jobs for Grads Orientation

Complete this job search "crash course" to ensure you have complete access to the Off-Campus Jobs board in CLNx! Open to all students with 14+ credits.

Interview Ready

Got an interview coming? You can prepare for the most commonly asked questions!

Getting Started on a Personal Statement

Not sure what to write in your professional/graduate school application? These two exercises will help you to get un-stuck.

Resume Writing

Resume Building Tool

Upgrade your resume from "Grade 10" to "GREAT" with our 45-minute e-learning module, or improve a solid resume with Accomplishment Statements (use the Menu to jump ahead).

Cover Letters

Many employers still expect a cover letter as part of your application. They will use it to assess your suitability for the role, and as a sample of your communication skill, so it matters! The Cover Letters Guide goes with the video. 


Part 1: Why LinkedIn and Profile Basics

Part 2: LinkedIn Tools for Career Research
In this LinkedIn crash course, learn:

  • What LinkedIn is, and what it is not
  • What can LinkedIn do for you - especially career research
  • How to maximize your LinkedIn profile

Networking: Working the Room

This workshop explores networking, what it is, why you need to build a network, how to start, where to network and what to say and do when you are networking. When you are done, you will not only survive your next networking event, you will thrive, so much so that you will want to do it again! The Networking Guide will provide you with some material to work with to get you started.

Finding Jobs in Research

Join us for an overview of places to look for research opportunities, as well as strategy for "landing the job"!

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Managing your Career: Strategies for Students with Disabilities

Strategies for Students with Disabilities

Disability, accommodation and disclosure - oh my! It feels like it might be complicated. Learn about your rights and responsibilities as a person with a disability entering the workforce.

Career Exploration Workshops

Discover Your Career Options

Wondering what you can do with your degree? Interested in defining your personal brand? Discovering your career options begins with learning about yourself. Similarly, creating a personal brand involves figuring out who you really are. Generate realistic career options and identify characteristics of your personal brand by assessing your skills, interests, personality and values.
Watch the following prior to the workshop:

Read the following prior to the workshop (approximately 10 minutes):

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Professional Ethics Matter 

Explore the topic of professional ethics in the workplace. Integrity practices in academic environments translate into professional and ethical behavior in the workplace. We will discuss some core values and how they influence the decisions we make in the workplace. Building awareness of ethical issues through discussion and discipline-specific case studies makes this workshop a stimulating and interactive learning experience.

Faculty may request this workshop (by contacting us or using our request form) for upper year courses and cases will be tailored to specific disciplines. 

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Graduate and Professional School Workshops

Applying to Graduate and Professional School

Are you thinking about applying to graduate school? Do you have questions about application procedures, awards or scholarships? If so, please attend this session.

Note: Sign-up begins 2 weeks before the event!

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Getting Started on the Personal Statement (AA&CC and The Writing Centre)

The personal statement is a key element of your applications for graduate or professional school, scholarships and study abroad programs. This workshop is designed to get you off to an informed start. The online preparation will provide important background, introducing you to exactly what a personal statement is, how to think about your audience, and what your goals might be. In the hands-on workshop we will introduce some of the key writing techniques for effective statements, and look at some examples to illustrate these. We will also cover editing techniques which you will have an opportunity to practice.
Please watch the following videos and download the resources prior to attending the workshop.
Estimated preparation time: 30 minutes. 

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Job Search Workshops

Work Search Strategies

Did you know that a large % of jobs never get advertised broadly, possibly 60-80% of them? Come to this workshop and learn about the hidden job market as well as not-hidden job posting websites. Discover alternative job search strategies and resources that can help you generate and follow-up on leads for jobs you really want.

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Interview Ready

Learn and practice successful interview techniques, including effective preparation, handling difficult questions, and marketing your skills and experience.

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We have extensive online preparation resources available here: /aacc/interview-ready

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Networking: Working the Room

Connecting with people and cultivating professional relationships is one of the most important career development activities you can engage in. Your network helps you to understand the field of work you want to enter, and share the many unadvertised job opportunities ‘out there’ that get filled every day by word-of-mouth. Roughly 60% of jobs are not advertised, and get filled through networking! In just one hour, we will practice real networking, and analyze how it went to help you improve your networking skills!
Please watch/read the resources below to prepare for the workshop – and to prepare for real networking!

Also see our resource on Networking for Quiet Types

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Resume Writing

Your resume and cover letter are often your first introduction to an employer. Learn how to present yourself as a professional, and how to market yourself effectively on your resume, via our online tool: Resume Building Tool - then bring a paper copy of your resume to your problem-solving and peer review session!

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LinkedIn for Job Search

Professional relationships are the key to a successful job search. Learn simple strategies to connect with industry professionals and tap into the hidden job market in this hands-on workshop.
Complete the following prior to the workshop. You will be actively updating your profile during LinkedIn for Job Search. 

Register for a LinkedIn account prior to the workshop.

Read the following prior to the workshop:

Watch the following prior to the workshop:

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