Resume Building Tool

At some point in your working life, you will need a resume, so why not create one that helps you showcase your talents, skills and accomplishments? This e-learning tool can guide you, whether you are in first year or have just graduated, through the process of developing a strong expression of who you are and what makes you a fitting candidate.

How to Use the Tool

This tool is optimized for use in Chrome. See the Help section of the tool for an explanation of the accessibility features.

We recommend that you start at the beginning and work your way through the whole tool if you are just starting out with creating a professional resume. Experienced job seekers and second-time viewers may choose to use the lefthand Menu to select a resume building topic of interest to you.

You can also visit our Resumes page for many of the resources which we refer to in this Tool.

Curriculum Vitae / CV for Graduate or Professional School Applications

Please note that a resume is not the same as a curriculum vitae (CV)! In the UK, when they say CV they mean resume. When a Master or PhD program asks you for a CV, they mean a professional profile with an academic focus.

For guidance on academic CV-writing, please see the AA&CC’s collection of weblinks about Graduate and Professional School.