Make Connections

Connect to the World of Work

To find your fit in the world of work, you should know what kind of work is 'out there'! You might start by exploring real career stories online via apps like Real Talk and webpages like Work Story.

Speaking with people who are working in fields of interest for you is also useful! Check out our Career Exploration programs and Fairs for opportunities to learn about the world of work.

U of T's career centres and alumni offices have joined Ten Thousand Coffees connects young professionals with more experienced professionals based on their role, career goals, and professional interests. These new relationships, lead to more innovative, inclusive, creative, and high performing teams.

Making Connections

Did you know that only 20% of jobs are actually posted – with the other 80% located in the “hidden job market”. How do you find out about these opportunities? The answer…networking!

Networking, although it sounds intimidating, is actually a very natural activity that you do everyday. Looking for a new phone – what do you do? Research, ask friends, if you see someone using a brand you were thinking about purchasing - ask them how they like it.  Networking is about making authentic and meaningful connections. 

Job search is no different. It doesn’t start with “Do you have a job for me?” but “What do you do? How did you get there? What would you do differently?” This may be an informal conversation but what you are really doing is conducting an information interview. It can happen on the bus, at a party, family gathering, sports event – anywhere!

Networking can also be done in a formal manner. Here you have a specific objective and are targeting a particular person to answer your questions during an information interview.

The internet also offers a lot of opportunity to network online. LinkedIn, Facebook, listservs, blogs, Youtube can all be used to connect with others. Just remember to keep your online image professional.

Not sure how to use Social Media for professional purposes? See our:

Networking Opportunities with the Academic Advising & Career Centre

Take advantage of our networking opportunities including Get Hired, Career Fairs, Employer Information Sessions, Career Panels, Extern Job Shadowing Program, Partners in Leadership Program, and alumni events.

Networking for Quiet Types 

If you find that you gain your energy from solo activities, not from being around other people, you may be introverted (vs extroverted). Ask yourself, after a long day at school or work, would you rather read a book or magazine or watch TV quietly, or would you rather message a few friends and go out for a walk or for a bite to eat? Introverts may find that they would rather read or watch TV to re-charge, much of the time. Extraverts may find that they would rather be with people to re-charge, much of the time.
Between 1/3 and 1/2 of people are introverts, according to expert Susan Cain, so it is not unusual! Please review these videos and the brief strategy guides if you think this sounds like you: