Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

To enter Canada as an international student in addition to study permit, you need to have either a Temporary Resident Visa or an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) depending on your country of citizenship.

Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

A TRV, also referred to as a ‘visitor’s visa’ or ‘visa’, is an official counterfoil issued by IRCC or visa offices and placed in a foreign national’s passport to enter or re-enter Canada.

What you need to know - Temporary Resident Visa

Find out if you need a TRV depending on your country of citizenship.

If you are from one of the designated countries, when you apply for a study permit out of Canada, visa office will issue a TRV along with your study permit. You do not need to apply separately for a TRV.

TRV is different from a study permit. Study permit is required to stay in Canada as a student, while TRV is used to enter or re-enter Canada. TRV usually has the same expiry date as the study permit. A valid TRV is not required while you are inside Canada but when you are traveling back to Canada. It is recommended to have a valid TRV at all times in case of urgent trips out of Canada. 

If you already have a valid study permit but your TRV is expired or expiring soon, you can apply for a new TRV from inside Canada (preferred option) or your country of citizenship.

You may submit an application package for a TRV by:

Applying online (faster processing time and more convenience);

If you apply online, you will answer a questionnaire, create a personal check list code, sign up/log into MYCIC account and automatically see a list of the required application form and documents you have to provide.


Applying on paper

Select your country of residence (If you are in Canada, select Canada), make sure you complete the document checklist, application forms and all supporting documents. The instruction guide provides assistance with how to fill out the form and submit supporting documents.

If applying by paper, submit your original passport with the application package.

If applying online, upload a scanned copy of your passport. When your application is approved, you will receive a message in MYCIC requesting your passport to be sent to the CIC/visa office. Follow the instructions when mailing your passport. 

Apply early and be sure to check the average processing time online. Processing times can vary, depending on how many applications CIC offices receive. It does not include document mailing time.

When the visa is issued in your passport, it will be mailed to the address you provided in your application form.


Application form

Application for Temporary Resident Visa [IMM5257]

The same form is used for applications from inside and outside Canada.


Valid passport and study permit

If your passport and/or study permit are expiring, renew them first before applying for TRV.

You cannot apply for a study permit and a TRV at the same if applying from inside Canada.


Official Transcript: A transcript is your academic record at the University of Toronto. The most updated official transcripts may be requested via Acorn. Printing your transcript directly from ACORN is considered an "unofficial" copy of your transcript and is not accepted by CIC.

Proof of means of financial support: You'll need to show you can cover the cost of one year in Canada including school tuition plus CAD $ 10,000 (for living expenses) by submitting a bank statements or other proof that indicates you have sufficient funds. If a family member or an institution is providing you with the money, include their letter of support along with the proof of sufficient funds in their names. You need to provide proof of an additional $4000 for your spouse and $3000 for each additional dependent if accompanying you to Canada.

Letter of Enrollment/registration for returning students (Proof of next term enrollment): Returning international students are required to provide a Letter of Enrollment/registration from the Office of Registrar confirming their status at the University. Even if you are not registered for next academic term, your current registration or your eligibility to return for next term is sufficient. Submit the Letter Request Form to have the letter ready for pick up or to be mailed or emailed to you.

Proof of Medical Exam (if applicable): You are required to provide proof of medical exam only if:


  • You have lived in a designated country or territory for more than six months within the last 12 months.

UCI:  also known as “Client ID”, appears on your study and work permit if you already have one.

Document Number: Starts with the letter “F” followed by nine numbers on study permits.

Visa requested: Select “Visitor Visa”

Details of Visit to Canada: Returning Student

Institution I will visit: University of Toronto

Relationship to me: My University

Address in Canada: UTSC Address

Employment: Write “Student” under current activity/employment and list University of Toronto as current institution/employer

No signature is required for online applications: Upload the form without signing after validating it. If applying on paper, please validate the form, print, and sign it.