Global Citizenship Certificate

What is the Global Citizenship Certificate?

The Global Citizenship Certificate prepares you for working and succeeding in a culturally diverse and rapidly changing world. Through a combination of workshops, intercultural experiences and co-curricular activities, you will gain a highly valued global perspective, deepen your understanding of human diversity, and enhance your understanding of local and global communities.

To sign up for the GCC workshops please visit CLN for workshop dates.

Global Citizenship Certificate Workshops

GCC 1. Getting Started with the Global Citizenship Certificate

This introductory workshop will introduce students to the requirements and components of the Global Citizenship Certificate Students will have the opportunity to engage in discussion with like-minded individuals who are interested in learning more about global citizenship and are passionate about developing a global perspective and pursuing a global career.

GCC 2. Global Perspective Building

This workshop will introduce students to the concept of global citizenship, including relevant knowledge, skills, values and civic actions. Learners will reflect upon the rights and responsibilities of citizenship within communities at local, national and global levels, and explore the historical and contemporary contexts that shape what it means to be a global citizen. Students in this workshop will examine political, economic, environmental, cultural, technological and social implications of globalization and global citizenship through experiential activities, debates, videos and critical reflection.

GCC 3. Global Identity and Inclusion

This workshop will engage students in an examination of their unique, personal global identity while examining the principles of diversity and inclusion as they apply to global citizenship. Students will gain a sense of their own active place in the world and develop a global mindset to impact their life choices in an increasingly complex, diverse and interconnected world.

GCC 4. Be the Change

This experiential workshop, run in partnership with the Student Life Programs, will introduce students to the concept of community, including connecting the global and local, community membership, unity/cohesion and boundaries. Learners will explore the core principles and building blocks of community engagement and development, as well as barriers to participation, and analyze their own role as a local and global community member. This workshop gives students the opportunity to volunteer with community partners in Scarborough while putting into practice principles of community engagement, global citizenship and volunteerism.

GCC 5. Going Global: Finding the Global Career For You

This capstone course provides learners with opportunities for enquiry into/reflection of the meaning, value, and practice of global citizenship from personal, local, national and global perspectives. Learners will hear from an industry or community partner who has had an intercultural experience or perspective. Students will work to produce an e-portfolio where they can intentionally map out and document their learning experiences and outcomes from the Global Citizenship Certificate while learning how to apply the skills developed to future careers and global experiences.

Upon completion of the program, you will receive the following:

Certificate of Completion
CCR Recognition
Reference Letter           

To join this program please contact the Intercultural Education Program Coordinator, Anushay Irfan Khan.