Part-time, Suspension or Leave

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All study permit holders in Canada are required to actively pursue studies, meaning that you must remain enrolled and make reasonable and timely progress towards completing your program. Failing to do so, may have negative consequences on your legal status, eligibility to work on and off-campus, and future immigration applications including post-graduation work permit. In extreme cases, it could lead to your removal from Canada.

UTSC students are generally expected to complete their program within 4 years (5 years for co-op students).  A standard course load is 2.5 credits per semester, although students who enroll in 1.5 credits or more are considered full-time. To complete the program in 4 years, you must pass 2.5 credits in two of the three semesters (Fall, Winter, Summer).

It is common for international students at UTSC to take no course or part-time course load in summer and study full-time in falls and winters. However, to maintain your legal status and eligibility to work, you are required to study full-time in any 2 of the 3 semesters in every academic year.

Any leave taken from program of studies should not exceed 150 days from the date the leave commenced and must be authorized by their DLI. If the student does not resume studies within 150 days they should either change their status to visitor or leave Canada.

You are not eligible to work while you are on suspension/leave (not studying). You are also not eligible to work while enrolled as part-time, except during the last semester of your program.

Talk to an Advisor:

If you are on academic suspension or have to take a semester or more off due to family related issues, financial or health reasons, please consult an Academic & Learning Strategist from Academic Advising & Career Centre and an Immigration Advisor from International Student Centre before making your final decision. It is important to learn about the consequences on your legal status and whether you are eligible to stay or work in Canada.