Part Time Studies

Program III: Part-Time Studies (Code is MEnvSc III) (Research Paper or Internship Option)

As potential applicants may wish to upgrade their skills while remaining in full-time employment, a part-time program is available. A significant number of courses will be taught in the mid to late afternoon and evenings, wherever possible. Also, keep in mind that many employers are very flexible and receptive to "study leave time" for skills training in a program such as this.

Students in Part-Time Studies will choose either the Internship or Research option. Students are allowed to take two courses (or less) per session for their annual fee, which is approximately 1/3 of full-time fees. However, students should be aware that they are required to pay a cumulative tuition fee over their program that is at least the same amount as a full-time student would pay in a one-year program (based on the student's starting year). This may require payment of a balance of degree fee prior to graduation.