Maria Dittrich

Maria Dittrich
Associate Professor
Environmental Science

Research Interests: 

Environmental geochemistry of aquatic systems; biogeochemistry; geomicrobiology; modelling of early diagenesis.

Selected Publications: 

  • Ojeda, J.J, and Dittrich, M. 2011, Application of an Infrared Spectroscopy for Cell-Minerals Interfaces, Chapter in a book, which is a part of the Humana Press series "Methods in Molecular Biology" (Springer), in press
  • Dittrich, M., B. Raoof, A. Chesnyuk, S. Quazi, R. Shen, J. Bollmann, S. Katsev and Fulthorpe, R. 2011, Origin of Iron Layer in Sediment of Lake Superior: abiotic vs. biotic, Mineralogical Magazine, Vol. 75 (3), 764
  • Li J, Crowe S, Brown E, Dittrich M, Miklesh D and Katsev S. 2011, Diagenetic Mobility of Mn and Fe Crusts in Organic-Poor Sediments of Lake Superior. Mineralogical Magazine, Vol. 75 (3), 1312
  • Matsko, N.B., Znidaršic N., Letofsky-Papst, I., Dittrich, M., Grogger, W., Štrus J., Hofer, F. 2011. Silicon: The key element in early stages of biocalcification, Journal of Structural Biology 174 180-186
  • Dittrich, M., Gabriel, O., Rutzen, C. and R. Koschel, 2011, Lake Restoration by Hypolimnetic Ca(OH)2 Treatment: Impact on Phosphorus Sedimentation and Release from Sediment, Science of the Total Environment, 409, 8, 1504-1515.

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