Joseph Desloges

Joseph Desloges
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Research Interests

  • Holocene fluvial and glacial landscape reconstruction using sedimentary archives
  • Reconstruction of extreme events
  • Urbanization impacts on stream erosion
  • River geoarchaeology

The influence of rivers, glaciers and humans on landform development in the northern hemisphere, mainly in the mountain areas of Canada, Greenland and Iceland with emphasis on B.C., the southern Yukon and southern Ontario.

My special interests are the influence of climate change and human disturbance on geomorphic processes and landform change with an emphasis on river floodplains and sediment yield in glacierized landscapes. Contemporary and Holocene glacier fluctuations have been reconstructed using terrestrial and high-resolution glaciolacustrine and glaciomarine sedimentary archives. I have conducted research mainly in large glacier-fed lakes of the western Canadian Cordillera and, in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Copenhagen, deep fiords of western Greenland. More recent work has focussed on late Quaternary and Holocene fluvial environments of southern Ontario with particular emphasis on decoupling the influence of humans disturbance on erosion from that associated with climate-induced changes. Geophysical, geochronology and geoarchaeology methods have been used extensively to develop and interpret the sedimentary record.