George Arhonditsis

George  Arhonditsis
Professor/ Department Chair and Graduate Chair
Environmental Science

Research Interests: 

Aquatic biogeochemical modelling, plankton ecology, Bayesian inference, fish
contamination, watershed science, extreme meteorological events.


  • EESD09/EESD10 - Research Project in Environmental Science
  • EES1118 – Fundamentals of Ecological Modelling
  • EES1119 – Quantitative Environmental Analysis


  • Elsevier Best Paper Award 2012 & 2014: International Great Lakes Association
  • Ontario Early Researcher Award (2009)
  • Environmental Science and Technology: Excellence in Review Award (2009)

Selected Publications: 

  • Cheng V., G.B. Arhonditsis, D. Sills, W. Gough, H. Auld, 2016. Predicting the climatology of tornado occurrences in North America with a Bayesian hierarchical modelling framework. Journal of Climate 29: 1899-1917.
  • Wellen, C., A. Kamran-Disfani, G.B. Arhonditsis 2015. Evaluation of the current state of distributed watershed-water quality modeling. Environmental Science & Technology 49: 3278-3290.
  • Cheng, V., G.B. Arhonditsis, D. Sills, W. Gough, H. Auld 2015. A Bayesian modelling framework for tornado occurrences in North America. Nature Communications 6, Article Number 6599.
  • Gandhi N., S.P. Bhavsar, R. Tang, G.B. Arhonditsis 2015. Projecting fish mercury levels in the Province of Ontario, Canada and the implications for fish and human health. Environmental Science & Technology 49: 14494-14502.
  • Gandhi, N., R.W.K. Tang, S.P. Bhavsar, G.B. Arhonditsis 2014. Fish mercury levels appear to be increasing lately: A report from 40 years of monitoring in the Province of Ontario, Canada. Environmental Science & Technology 48: 5404−5414.
  • Wellen, C., G.B. Arhonditsis, T. Long, D. Boyd 2014. Accommodating environmental thresholds and extreme events in hydrological models: A Bayesian approach. Journal of Great Lakes Research 40: Supplement 3 102–116.
  • Arhonditsis, G.B., C.A. Stow, Y.R. Rao, G. Perhar 2014. What has been accomplished twenty years after the Oreskes et al. (1994) critique? Current state and future perspectives of environmental modeling in the Great Lakes. Journal of Great Lakes Research 40: Supplement 3 1–7.
  • Shimoda, Y., E. Azim, G. Perhar, M. Ramin, M. Kenney, S. Sadraddini, A. Gudimov, G.B. Arhonditsis 2011. Our current understanding of lake ecosystem response to climate change: what have we learnt from the north temperate lakes? Journal of Great Lakes Research 37: 173-193.
  • Arhonditsis, G.B., S.S. Qian, C.A. Stow, E.C. Lamon, K.H. Reckhow 2007. Eutrophication risk assessment using Bayesian calibration of process-based models: Application to a mesotrophic lake. Ecological Modelling 208: 215-229.
  • Arhonditsis, G.B., M.T. Brett 2004. Evaluation of the current state of mechanistic aquatic biogeochemical modelling. Marine Ecology-Progress Series 271: 13-26.

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