DPES Senior Undergraduate Research Award

DPES Senior Undergraduate Research Award

Purpose of the award

To recognize outstanding research from an upper-year undergraduate student taking part in a one-term or two-term research project course under the supervision of DPES faculty.


To be eligible, a student must be enrolled in and successfully complete a senior research project course under the supervision of a DPES faculty member or members. This includes the courses:

Chemistry: CHMD90, CHMD91

Environmental Science: EESD09, EESD10

Physics and Astrophysics: PHYD01

Nomination process

Nominations for the award will be based on the final written paper produced in the research course. Nominations for the award should come from the faculty supervisors of research projects and should include a short explanation of the significance of the research project, comments on the clarity of the writing, comments on the extent of original data produced in the research, and comments on publication potential in a peer-reviewed journal.

A short nomination letter and the final research course paper of the nominated student must be received by May 3, 2022 and should be submitted directly to the DPES Chair’s office (Ms Rose Jones: rosa.jones@utoronto.ca)for adjudication by the DPES Research Committee.

Award Evaluation

Evaluation of the award will be based on the final written paper produced in the research course. The award will be evaluated by members of the DPES research committee, who may additionally seek the advice of the coordinators of the research courses in each discipline. At least two research committee members, from the same discipline as the nominated student’s paper, will evaluate each nomination. Papers will be evaluated in relation to their overall quality, which includes aspects such as clarity, depth of discussion, and significance to the discipline.

Number of Awards and Value

Three awards, each valued at $250, will be given each academic year. One award will be available for students in each of 1) Chemistry, 2) Environmental Science and Environmental Studies, and 3) Physics and Astrophysics.


DPES Senior Undergraduate Research Award Recipients

Celia Ferrag- Chemistry Celia Ferrag Project Title: "High-swelling hydrogel polymers of Polyacrylamide and Polyvinylpyrrolidone cross-linked with N-methylenebisacrylamide and their biological applications" supervised by Prof. Lana Mikhaylichenko.
Billy Deng-Chemistry   Project Title: "Optimized synthesis of pyridine porphyrin complexes for homogeneous electrocatalytic reduction of CO2" supervised by Prof. Xiao-an Zhang.
Aisha Javed-Environmental Science Aisha Javed Project Title: "Detection of spatial and temporal hydro-meteorological trends in Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Georgian Bay" supervised by Prof. George Arhonditsis
Ian Zhang-Environmental Science   Project Title: "A cross-disciplinary approach to decoding drumlin formation" supervised by Prof. Nick Eyles.


Qusai Hassan-


Qusai Hassan

Lina Arbelaez-Moreno




Raymond Co-

Environmental Science

Raymond Co