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Biodiversity and Conservation (BC)

Flowers in an experimental plot

Core Members: Marc Cadotte, Nate Lovejoy, Nick MandrakScott MacIvorPéter K. Molnár, Yan WangJason Weir

Associated Members: Rudy Boonstra, Roberta Fulthorpe

Research Focus: Causes and Consequences of Biodiversity

Understanding the processes that generate biodiversity patterns is critical to developing sound strategies to conserve biological resources in a changing world. The BC group consists of global experts in biodiversity science that emphasize a larger scale, and longer time frame approach to understanding the causes and consequences of biodiversity. This research group stands unique within U of T by integrating scale and time to a truly ‘big picture’ view of biodiversity. This big scale approach provides profound insights on diversity and the ecological processes that form the basis of many conservation efforts.