Biological Sciences EDI

The Department of Biological Sciences acknowledges the barriers that people of colour and other marginalized groups face, particularly in science and academia. As a department, we are committed to creating a welcoming scientific community where everyone feels safe, comfortable participating, and has the necessary support to thrive. The EDI committee will meet regularly to discuss equity and inclusion and make recommendations for improvements to our departmental policies and practices to the Department Chair, and monitor the effectiveness of these efforts. The EDI committee will seek ongoing input from all members of the department, including students, post-doctoral fellows, staff and faculty, as well as actively engage with the literature on best practices. The committee may also devise and implement new initiatives aimed at increasing inclusion in the Department.


Bio Sci EDI Committee Members:


Ivana Stehlik, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream


Ifedinma Agbatekwe, Undergraduate Student

Maydianne Andrade, University Professor

Ina Anreiter, Assistant Professor

Aarthi Ashok, Professor, Teaching Stream

Andreea Bosorogan, Graduate Student

Kathlyn Gan, Assistant Professor

Karolyn Keir, Laboratory Manager

Vanessa Opoku, Undergraduate Student

Arvin Persaud, Graduate Student 

Mahassen Ramadan, Inclusive Excellence Coordinator

Joanne Tran, Communication Assistant

Toby Tsang, Post-Doc

Bebhinn Treanor, Professor

Lydia Vo, Academic and Administrative Assistant

Jason Weir, Professor

Rongmin Zhao, Associate Professor


Current Initiatives

  • Develop and grow a department scholarship for black and indigenous high school students 

          Inclusive Excellence Award in Biological Science (Undergraduate)

  • Develop material to improve best EDI practices in hiring, including standardized language for job ads regarding EDI statement requests, evaluation of EDI statements, and training for faculty recruitment committee members 

  • Develop faculty mentorship practices for equity deserving groups 

  • Develop EDI curriculum content for undergraduate courses in Biological Sciences 

  • Develop a curated list of resources for individuals facing discrimination