Conservation and Biodiversity (Major and Specialist)


Formerly Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution, this program presents a foundation for understanding how ecology and evolution shape organismal features (from morphology and physiology to behaviour) and the structure and function of communities and ecosystems. Ultimately these processes determine the broad patterns of organization of life on earth and biodiversity. The challenges to biodiversity are daunting. Habitat destruction, biological invasions and climate change are causing loss of species and disruption of ecosystems worldwide. Graduate are trained to understand and actively seek solutions to these problems. This program will show how ecological and evolutionary perspectives can be used to understand and predict the outcome of dynamic interactions among organisms, populations, species, and communities.

Students will be well trained to take positions in government agencies, consulting firms or NGO's; able to continue with graduate studies in science for academic careers; or able to pursue careers in business or law related to environmental issues, stewardship and sustainable development.

Program Supervisor: Dr. Ivana Stehlik


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