Seminar Series





May 15

Guillaume Filion

 What have we learned from virus barcoding technologies?

May 29

 Jason Brown

Perennial plant species are more resistant to oxidative stress than annual plant species, consistent with the oxidative stress theory of aging.
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June 12

Maydianne Andrade

Widows as Windows on Adaptive Plasticity
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June 19

 Marc Cadotte

Part 1:

The importance of biodiversity for ecosystem function in degraded landscapes

Part 2:

Ensuring diverse voices in communicating applied research for management and policy

July 3  Peter Molnar

Fasting season length sets temporal limits for global polar bear persistence
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July 10

 Clare Hasenkampf

Chromosome Interactions During Meiosis -  How and When to Relax Physical Distancing

August 14

 Tod Thiele

 Zebrafish neural circuits & behaviour

August 21

 Mark Fitzpatrick

 Research or Teaching Seminar (tba)