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Graduate Students


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Charmaine Elizabeth Condy Andrade PhD
Catherine  Scott Andrade PhD
Nishant Singh Andrade PhD U
Laura McCaw Boonstra MSc
Aditi Aggarwal Brown PhD
Menilek Beyene Cadotte MSc
Weihan (Bill) Liu Cadotte MSc
Ahmed Elbassiouny Chang, Belinda PhD (t)
Allan Edelsparre Fitzpatrick PhD
Carina Carianopol Gazzarrini PhD (t)
Deka Mohamed Gazzarrini PhD (t)
Eliana Vonapartis Gazzarrini PhD (t)
Jeff Chen Gonzales-Vigil MSc
Mahbobeh Zamani Babgohari Gonzales-Vigil PhD
Jonathan Burnie Guzzo MSc
Laxshaginee Thaya Guzzo MSc
Roxanne Fournier Harrison PhD (t)
Xiao Rui Lisa Li Harrison MSc
Urja Naik Harrison PhD (t)
Fatima Naimi Harrison MSc
Thiviya Rajasekar Harrison MSc
Dylan Patterson Ito MSc
Ahmed Hamam Kronzucker PhD
Lisa Byrne Lovejoy PhD
JP Fontenelle Lovejoy PhD
Madison Sandy Marshall MacIvor MSc
Nicholas Sookhan MacIvor PhD
Garland Xie MacIvor PhD
Julie Chih Wang MacIvor/Cadotte MSc
Andrew Nichols MacIvor/Issac MSc
Arely Cruz-Sanchez Maithe Arruda-Carvalho PhD(t)
Thais Bernos Mandrak PhD
Paul Bzonek Mandrak PhD
Sara Campbell Mandrak PhD U
Meagan Kindree Mandrak PhD
Fielding Montgomery Mandrak PhD U
Courtney Leermakers Mandrak/Cadotte MSc
Justin Hubbard Mandrak/Drak MSc
Alexandra Leclair Mandrak/Drake MSc
Kavishka Gallage Mandrak/Lovejoy MSc
Terrence Chang Mason PhD
Andrew Masson Mason PhD
Sen Sivalinghem Mason PhD
Shafinaz Eisha McGowan MSc
Samantha Lauby McGowan PhD
Mouly Rahman McGowan PhD (t)
Korryn Bodner Molnar PhD
Alexander Nascou Molnar PhD
Stephanie Penk Molnar PhD U
Juan Sebastian Vargas Soto Molnar PhD U
Aparna Haldar Mott PhD
Zachary Kileeg Mott PhD
Ahmad Israwi Nash MSc
Dennison Trinh Nash PhD (t)
Colleen Gillon Richards PhD
Jordan Guerguiev Richards PhD (t)
Sankirthana Sathiyakumar Richards PhD (t)
Matthew Tran Richards PhD (t)
Annik Yalnizyan-Carson Richards PhD
Charlene Lancaster Terebiznik PhD
Alexandra Williams Terebiznik MSc
Vernie Aguda Thiele MSc
Rida Ansari Thiele MSc
Nicholas Guilbeault Thiele PhD (t)
Michael Martin Thiele PhD
Isabelle Tate Thiele MSc
Yuchen (Cindy) Hou Treanor MSc
Trisha Mahtani Treanor PhD (t)
Arianne Solivio Treanor MSc
Nicole Alber Vanlerberghe PhD (t)
Avesh Chadee Vanlerberghe PhD(t)
Sean Anderson Weir PhD
Else Mikkelsen Weir PhD
Vanessa Luzuriaga Weir  PhD (t)
Erich Eberts Welch PhD (t)
Simon English Welch MSc
Jerrica Jamison Welch PhD
Saad Muhammad Welch MSc
Phillip Oelbaum Welch PhD  
Natalia Sandoval Herrera Welch PhD
Diana Bonea Zhao MSc
Bona Mu Zhao PhD
Jenan Noureddine Zhao Msc
Alexander Paci Zhao PhD (t)