Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (Specialist Coop and non-Coop)

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (Specialist Coop and non-Coop)

Formerly Cell & Molecular Biology, this program strives to help students construct a broad foundation of knowledge across the major disciplines of biology in the first two years of study, and combine this knowledge with an increasingly molecular, analytical and reflection approach to the study of Biology. Upon this base students deepen their knowledge of biological processes that occur at the cellular and molecular level through the course work of their third and fourth years. This is a laboratory-rich program that integrates an understanding of chemical and physical processes with our complex biological systems. Because of broad training in biology and rigorous cross training in cognate disciplines, graduates are well positioned to apply to professional and graduate schools or work in a broad range of government regulatory agencies, clinical or research-focused industries and other careers that require the union of strong analytical and technical skills.


The co-op option of the of the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology program complements and punctuates academic course work with full time work terms in laboratories, government, health care, or in public or private industry.These placements help students define and refine their career and/or professional school goals. For information on admissions, fees, work terms and standing in the Program, please see the Co-operative Programs section of the Calendar.

Program Supervisor: Professor Mark Fitzpatrick


More information can be found in the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (co-op) listing in the Course Calendar.