Awards & Distinctions

Professor Andrade receives the Principal's Research Award
Congratulations to Nick Mandrak and Jason Weir on their promotions to the rank of Professor 15.08.2019
Congratulations to Professor Maydianne C.B. Andrade who has recently been appointed as the Acting Vice-Principal (Academic) and Acting Dean, University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC), for a six-month term, beginning July 1, 2019 and ending December 31, 2019


Graduate Student Paper Award Winners (2018)

Ecology and Evolution:

Winner:  Sara Campbell from Mandrak Lab

Paper title: Dissecting spatiotemporal patterns of functional diversity through the lens of Darwin’s naturalization conundrum.
Journal: Ecology and Evolution

Cell & Molecular Biology:

Winner:  Amriya Naufer from Terebiznik Lab

Paper title: pH of endophagosomes controls association of their membranes with Vps34 and PI(3)P levels 
Journal: Journal of Cell Biology


Assistant Professor Christina Guzzo of the department of biological sciences is receiving federal funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s John R. Evans Leaders Fund.


Professor Blake Richards has received an Early Researcher awards from the Ontario Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science.

Nathan Lovejoy has been promoted to the rank of Professor. Please join me in congratulating Professor Lovejoy. 04.12.18

Congratulations to Prof. Nick Mandrak who is this year's recipient of the Loftus Award. The full title is: Jack Christie/Kan H. Loftus Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions toward Understanding Healthy Great Lakes Ecosystems.

Congratulations go out to Andrew Mason, Marc Cadotte and Rene Harrison who have been promoted to Full Professor! 01.05.17

Assistant Professor Bebhinn Treanor is awarded a Canada Research Chair in Spatially-Resolved Biochemistry.  Treanor’s research focuses on the biochemical processes that drive immune cell activation, specifically the role of B cells. These cells are targets of vaccination because they produce molecules called antibodies, which are important for the destruction of pathogens in the body. Treanor’s research aims to fundamentally understand immune response, how it’s regulated, and how it can be controlled to develop therapies for lymphomas and autoimmune diseases.  Congratulations Bebhinn!


The Agenda Committee of Academic Board has approved the appointment of Professor Maydianne Andrade as Vice-Dean Faculty Affairs and Equity.  Congratulations Maydianne!


Professor Blake Richards has been appointed an Associate Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR), in the Learning in Machines and Brains program.

Congratulations Blake!


Professors Nick Mandrak, Patrick McGowan, and Jason Weir have all been granted tenure. Congratulations to all three on this (well-earned) milestone!

Congratulations to Professor Clare Hasenkampf on her promotion this year to Full Professor.


Swara Shah (Lovejoy Lab) received the Undergraduate Research Award

Devrim Coskun (Kronzucker Lab) received the Principal's Graduate Research Award

Nikki Alber has won the UTSC Graduate Student TA Teaching Award

Our internal awards for grad student publication of the year went to Matt Kolmann (Lovejoy Lab) for the EEB category, and Kewei Xu (Harrison Lab) for the CSB category.

Congratulations to all award recipients!

Professor Maydianne Andrade has received the Principal's Research Award. 19.05.2016
Congratulations to Professors Harrison, Vanlerberghe and Welch for successful NSERC RTI applications. 10.05.2016
Congratulations to Professors Boonstra, Cadotte, Lovejoy, and Weir for successful NSERC DG renewals, and Professors Molnar and Thiele as successful new applicants. 11.04.2016
Congratulations to Professor Jason Weir who has been awarded a Discovery Accelerator Supplement (DAS) along with the successful renewal of his NSERC Discovery Grant. 11.04.2016
Professor Rene Harrison has been awarded a major grant from the Canadian Space Agency. 18.03.2016
Professor Maydianne Andrade has been appointed Fellow of the Animal Behaviour Society.   18.03.2016
Professor Kenneth Welch has been awarded a major research grant from the Human Frontier Science Program.   18.03.2016
Professor Blake Richards has been selected for a Google Faculty Research Award to fund his proposal on: Enhanced Reinforcement Learning Through Episodic Control.   16.02.2016
Professor Herbert Kronzucker Q & A on alleviating world hunger 15.10.2015
Professor Rongmin Zhao has been awarded tenure 17.08.2015
MSc student Eliana Vonapartis has received an OGS scholarship for 2015-2016 28.07.2015
PhD student Sophia Lavergne has received recently a graduate student award of merit from the Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada (SWAAC) for full article please click 27.05.2015
Dr. Kenneth Welch has been promoted to Associate Professor and awarded tenure 25.05.2015
Dr. Nathan Lovejoy led students on a tropical biodiversity expedition in the Costa Rica rainforest 30.04.2015
Dr. Blake Richards a Young Investigators’ Grant from the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) 08.04.2015
Dr. Malcolm Campbell will become Vice President, Research at the University of Guelph 25.03.2015
Dr. Patrick McGowan has been selected as the recipient of a 2015 Early Research Award, from the Ontario Ministry of Research & Innovation 24.03.2015
Dr. Aarthi Ashok has been selected as a recipient of the 2015 University of Toronto Early Career Teaching Award 24.03.2015
Dr. Bebhinn Treanor has been selected as the 2014 recipient of the Bhagirath Singh Early Career Award in Infection and Immunity 12.02.2015
Dr. Aarthi Ashok has been promoted to Senior Lecturer 08.01.2015
Professor Marc Cadotte and Professor Mauricio Terebiznik have become Associate Professors 21.11.2014
Professor Mauricio Terebiznik has been awarded tenure. 18.11.2014
New research by UTSC Professor Rudy Boonstra reveals that arctic ground squirrels have found a way to pump up with steroids without the associated risks. 05.11.2014
Professor Rudy Boonstra received the Principal's Research Award. 30.10.2014
Dr. Blake Richards has joined the department as an Assistant Professor. 30.09.2014
Memorial garden dedicated to Professor Fred Urquhart. 30.09.2014
Professor Marc Cadotte explores the role invasive species play in urban ecosystems. 09.09.2014
Professor Marc Cadotte has been awarded tenure. 25.08.2014
Professor Herbert Kronzucker has accepted the position of editor-in-chief for the Journal of Plant Physiology. 25.08.2014
Professor Marc Cadotte has been appointed as the new TD Limited Term Professorship in Urban Forest Conservation and Biology. 12.08.2014
Congratulations to Professors Herbert Kronzucker, Nicholas Mandrak, Blake Richards, Greg Vanlerberghe, and Rongmin Zhao who are part of a group of UTSC researchers who have received NSERC Discovery Grant funding 31.07.2014
Congratulations to Professor Marc Cadotte on receiving an Early Researcher Award from the Ministry of Research and Innovation 26.05.2014
Dr. Aarthi Ashok wins Pat Rogers Poster prize at STLHE conference. 30.09.2013
Professor Nathan Lovejoy helps identify new genus of electric fish. 26.09.2013
Professor Rudy Boonstra wins the C. Hart Merriam Award for his research in mammalogy. 11.07.2013
Professor Herbert Kronzucker is the recipient of a Bayer Canada Science for a Better Life Award in recognition of his work on Rice. 17.05.2013
Ph. D student Dr. Marina Cvetkovska has won an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship. 18.04.2013
Professor Herbert Kronzucker is this year's recipient of the Principal's Research Award and will speak at the first annual Principal's Research Award Lecture & Reception. 15.02.2013
Professor Rudy Boonstra is the guest editor for a special edition of Functional Ecology, focusing on the Ecology of Stress. 01.02.2013
Professor Rene Harrison receives CIHR funding for research on the cell biology of Chlamydia infections. 30.01.2013
Professor Joanne Nash receives grant to study potential Parkinson's treatment. 20.09.2012
New iExplore field course in Biological Sciences: "From Field to Forest". 27.04.2012
Caroline Tucker has won the EEB Ramsay Wright award for her excellence in research and leadership in EEB. 16.04.2012
MSc Student Dean Koucoulas wins Cathy Orlando Award for Environmental Stewardship. Link to article. 02.04.2012
Professor Patrick McGowan receives grant to study chronic fatigue. 28.02.2012
Professor Malcolm Campbell among one of two UTSC faculty members who have received a prestigious boost from NSERC. 17.02.2012
Professor Sonia Gazzarrini's research on seed formation may help to improve crops. 03.02.2012
Dr. Patrick McGowan discusses how stresses early in life can potentially impact epigenetic mechanisms and disease susceptibility later. 25.08.2011
Professor Rudy Boonstra discusses Arctic Squirrel hibernation patterns on CBC's Quirks and Quarks. News Release in Science Daily. 01.10.2011
BIOA01 Biodiversity Walk spearheaded by Professors Mary Olaveson, Ivana Stehlik and Clare Hasenkampf a huge success! 16.09.2011
Professor Clare Hasenkampf discusses strategies and alternatives to office hours for large classes as part of the President's Teaching Academy Project for the support of large classes. 25.08.2011