Péter K. Molnár

Péter K. Molnár
Associate Professor
Telephone number
Building SW 567A

Teaching Interests

  • BIOB50 Ecology
  • BIOC63 Conservation Biology
  • BIOD59 Models in Ecology, Epidemiology, and Conservation

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in understanding how climate change, land use change and other anthropogenic influences alter the dynamical interactions that shape ecosystems, and lead the Laboratory of Quantitative Global Change Ecology at UTSC. My research blends mathematical and statistical modelling with field data collection and the analysis of existing long-term datasets, in an effort to identify the mechanisms driving change, forecast likely future impacts of global change, and propose mitigation strategies to address pressing conservation and wildlife health concerns. I take a global perspective and work on a variety of systems, ranging from the High Arctic to the tropical rainforests of Central America. Current efforts primarily focus on (a) global change impacts on large mammals, and (b) global change impacts on parasitism and disease spread. I am currently accepting new students, please see here.

Keywords: Global change; Ecological modelling; Physiological ecology (e.g. dynamic energy budgets & metabolic theory of ecology); Population dynamics; Host-parasite systems; Food webs; Polar ecology; Tropical ecology; Conservation. 

Research Area: Ecology, Epidemiology, Mathematical Ecology, Conservation Biology, Global Change Ecology