Scott MacIvor

Scott MacIvor
Associate Professor
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Building SY 364

Teaching Interests

BIOD54          Applied Conservation Biology

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in:

1) how to support biodiversity conservation through urban planning and design, and

2) how community ecology and biodiversity can be used as a template for urban greening to improve ecosystem service delivery.

Cities present exciting opportunities for basic and applied ecological research, which can contribute to solutions for urban environmental challenges we face today and tomorrow. The goal of my research is to link biodiversity to ecosystem services in ways that connects people to nature and supports critical wildlife habitat.

The specific objective of my research program is to understand how people influence the ecology and diversity of plants and pollinators, and the interactions between them. In our lab, we examine these relationships at different taxonomic and geographic scales and at the intersection of other exciting topics in urban ecology including invasive species management, urbanization gradients, heterogeneity and environmental filtering, pollination for urban crops, and the design of green infrastructure, including green roofs.


  • Pollination Systems
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Biodiversity
  • Ecosystem Services

Research Area: Applied Ecology, Conservation, Ecology & Evolution, Bees

Current Research

Recent areas of research focus include:

  • Effects of anthropogenic activity on plant-pollinator interactions
  • Sociocultural drivers of urban biodiversity and wildlife conservation
  • Impacts of invasive species on urban ecosystem functioning
  • Plant-substrate combinations and diversity to improve green infrastructure
  • Global patterns in urban biodiversity and pollination services