Event Bookings


Only the Primary and Secondary signing officer are able to book space, 24 hours after they have been added on ULife. 

All event bookings must be requested a minimum 10 business days before your event.

Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are not business days. Our online booking system WILL NOT allow you to book space with less than 10 business days. 

Athletic space bookings must be requested a minimum 15 business days before your event.

Requests for tables in the BV Hallway have their own separate form, that is linked on the intranet under ‘Club Space Booking’.

To Book Space:

1.  All bookings requests are made via the Intranet.  Log in here with your UTORid and password.

2.   Click on ‘Club Space Booking’ found on the upper left of the webpage, under the ‘Home’ button.

3.   Fill in all the fields and follow the prompts to submit your request. To request a classroom, make sure that you select a date for the booking, then from the ‘Venue’ dropdown list, choose classroom. Following that you must click ‘Check’ under Confirm Availability to refresh the list of classrooms available. Select your top 3 choices from the dropdown list.

NOTE: If request a space in the BV Hallway for tabling, please use the short form linked at the top of the page instead.

How will I know if my request has been approved?

On your home page, you will see all of your booking requests. If you requested a common space like the IC Atrium or MW-130, you will see your booking request along with icons; a key icon represents your request for space, a knife and fork icon represents your request for food, a microphone icon represents your request for A/V.

·    When these icons are orange, it means your request is still pending.

·    When these icons are green, it means your request has been approved.

·    When the icons are red, it means your request has been denied.

·    If you have request a classroom or athletic space, the ‘Location’ column or tab of your booking will appear blank.

·    If your request is approved, the room number will appear in the ‘Location’ column or portion of the booking.

·    If your request is denied or space cannot be found, the ‘Location’ column or tab will say “No Space Available”.

·    You may still see food and A/V icons for classroom and athletics bookings if you made those requests; however, you will not see the key icon for the space request until it has been approved.

Any questions? Email campusgroups@utsc.utoronto.ca


Event Booking Additional Information:

  • All audio/visual (A/V) equipment requests (i.e. speakers, computer, projectors) must be made 3 business days (72 hours) prior to your event and activity. The Department of Student life does not make A/V requests; this is the responsibility of your campus group. If you requested A/V services, you must personally contact A/V Services at audio-visual@utsc.utoronto.ca, 416.287.7380 or visit their office at AC200 to make the necessary arrangements.
  • Recognized Campus Groups may not book space on behalf of non-university groups, club sponsors, or activities. Space requested is for the sole use of the recognized campus group and not for any other organization.
  • Booking one space does not mean that adjacent spaces are available for use as well. Booking MW-130 does not mean you also have the MW-Atrium.
  • Please do not visit other offices to book spaceOut of respect to other campus stakeholders and their time, this online system was created to facilitate campus group requests.
  • Please note that during the first three weeks of every term (Fall, Winter & Spring) classroom bookings will be unavailable. See note at the top of the page.
  • Use the Room Availability website offered by the Registrar’s Office to find out when classes and tutorials are not scheduled.
  • LOCKED OUT? ensure that you carry a print-out of your confirmation with you in case the room is locked. In the event that a room is locked, please visit or call Campus Police Services in the Science Wing, SW 304 and request that the room be opened.


Rooms NOT Available for Booking

The following are rooms that cannot be booked by student groups: AA 160, Ralph Campbell Lounge, 5th Floor B-Wing Rooms, Doris McCarthy Gallery