Students walking around campus

University of Toronto Scarborough

Student Centre, SL157

1265 Military Trail 

Toronto, ON M1C 1A4

Phone: (416) 208-5129


For club inquiries:

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

We are currently supporting students in person, and virtually by phone, email and online platforms.

Monique smiling.

Monique Huggins

Coordinator, Community Engagement Programs
(647) 601-4680
Location: SL157
Norm smiling outside the Student Life Office.

Norman Javier

Coordinator, Campus Life & Special Events
(416) 208-4796
Location: SL157
Adrian smiling in Highland Hall, UTSC. He is in a pink shirt and navy blue blazer.

Adrian Leckie

Imani Program Team Lead
(416) 287-7403
Location: SL151
Nadine smiling in Highland Hall, UTSC.

Nadine Leone

Coordinator, Student Life and Sustainability Programs
Location: SL157
Andria in a black top and yellow jacket.

Andria Lewis-Alexander

Coordinator, Black Student Engagement
Location: SL151

Punita Lumb

Director, Student Engagement and Campus Life
Location: SLSL 151
Juanita smiling in Highland Hall, UTSC, with a blue top and black jacket.

Juanita Muise

Coordinator, Indigenous Engagement
(416) 208-5170
Location: SL157

Laveeza Naeem

Student Life Officer
(416) 208-5068
Location: SL157
Mandy smiling in front of the Instructional Centre.

Mandy Nelson

Administrative Assistant (on leave)
(416) 208-5129
Location: SL157
Rebekkah. She has brown straight hair, glasses, and a big smile.

Rebekkah Nighswander

Coordinator, Orientation and Co-Curricular Programs
(416) 287-7279
Location: SL164
Shree smiling in front of a wall.

Shree Purohit

Administrative Assistant
Location: SL157
Nadia Rosemond in Highland Hall. She is in a yellow dress.

Nadia Rosemond

Assistant Dean, Co-curricular Engagement and Student Leadership
(416) 208-4759
Location: SL163
Kristen smiling in Highland Hall.

Kristen Wallace

Coordinator, First Year Programs
Location: SL164