Imani Tri-Mentorship Initiatives

Imani Tri-Mentorship Program

Join the Imani Tri-Mentorship Program!

The Imani Black Academic Program (Imani) is pleased to announce the launch of the next intake for our Tri-Mentorship Program (TMP). In partnership with Scotiabank and Rotman, our TMP aims to provide leadership opportunities, networking skills, and professional and personal development for Black UTSC Students. This program is designed to connect Black students (undergraduate) with other Black industry alumni, faculty, staff and community professionals in meaningful learning opportunities. At Imani, we value growth, community and academic success. The ultimate goal of the Tri-Mentorship Program is to foster a genuine personal relationship based on open and honest communication between Black students and working professionals.

Our Tri-Mentorship program runs from January to April. Mentees will be matched with their mentors throughout December and are invited to join our welcome orientation event in January. 


Are you a Black Identifying professional looking for a rewarding opportunity in mentoring Black students? Do you want to share your industry knowledge with others? Join the Imani Black Academic Tri-Mentorship Program! We are actively looking for industry professionals to share valuable knowledge based on their experience and motivate and support Black students to reach their full potential. Here’s what to expect: 

  • Attend our mentor orientation/training session (60 minutes) 
  • Commit to meeting with your mentee twice a month for three months (total of 6 or more sessions)
  • Work 1:1 with your mentee to determine shared objectives and set goals related to networking, professional development, job search, etc
  • Two virtual events with all mentors and mentees
  • Communicate with the mentoring program facilitators to report on the progress of the relationship and support
  • Supporting students in their personal and career development​
  • Equipping students with the knowledge and expertise to achieve academic excellence ​
  • Support students in their transition from undergraduate studies to either post-graduate studies or the workforce


Do you identify as a Black UTSC Student? Looking to gain new skills, connect with Black industry professionals? Then look no further, join the Imani Tri-Mentorship Program! Our goal is to connect you with Black-identifying professionals to help you strengthen the skills you already have by supporting and providing you with guidance on personal growth, professional development, and academic excellence. We hope that our program will provide you with meaningful connections to ensure you have a fruitful experience. Here’s what to expect:

  • Attend our mentee orientation/training session (60 minutes) at the beginning of the program
  • Gain CCR approved experience
  • Two virtual events with all mentors and mentees
  • Develop various professional and personal Skills
  • Get advice on how to balance work and other responsibilities, and set priorities
  • Maintain regular communication and monthly meetings with your assigned mentor


If you are interested in being a part of this mentorship opportunity, please complete the mentor application form (for alumni, faculty, staff, Community professionals) or the mentee application form (for UTSC students) by October. 

Please note that we are still developing our program, and not every applicant will be matched right away. We are working hard to ensure that you get paired with the right match, and we look forward to matching you. We are only accepting a minimal number of applicants this semester and will communicate with you as soon as possible. 

Intake for this program is currently paused for the 2023-2024 year.