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UTSC Welcome Day is a great opportunity for all first year students to meet one another and explore the campus. This event connected me to resources and helped me get involved on campus. I also learned about all of the services and programs available at UTSC that I would need during my first year.

Senping Zhang
4th year student

As a first generation student, I was fortunate enough to have had a mentor in my first year. The First Year Experience Program helps to connect all first year students with the resources they need to succeed! I attended a lot of fun socials and met lots of great new people along the way!

Thivya Uthayavarnan
5th year student

SCSU Orientation was my initial introduction to UTSC. I was able to explore the school before classes started and mingled with my peers. I made new friend groups and found that many of the upper year students were incredibly eager to share their advice with me and pointed me in the correct direction to springboard my first year here at UTSC!

Daniyal Kashif
3rd year student