Event Approval and Next Steps

How To make Event Bookings

All event bookings are made on the Intranet.​ Each event request required the group to fill out four pages giving the following information:​

  • Date and Venue​

  • Event Details​

  • Event Services​

  • Risk Assessment

After you make the request, wait for the OSEW to approve the request​. Then you will see icons representing room, food, AV, etc. if requested​. We will contact you by email to discuss setup of event if needed​. Have patience, but come speak to us one week before your event if you haven’t heard anything​

Only the club’s Primary contact and administrative offer in Student Organization Portal (SOP) can book spaces through the Intranet!​

Event Space Confirmation

You will get an automatic email when your space booking is confirmed!​ It gets sent to whoever booked the space on the Intranet​. That person is either your/primary or secondary contact​. A staff member from our office will contact you by email if we have questions about your booking or would like to follow up about AV, work orders etc.

Booking Classroom Space

Getting classroom space for the first three weeks of the term is very difficult​. The Registrar’s Office requires this period to finalize lecture and tutorial schedules​. Beyond that, wait until the last day to add classes to schedule weekly meetings​. That is the day the room schedule is finalized​. Use the room schedule viewer to see the availability of multiple classrooms​. You have to select three preferred rooms so ensure one of them is available.

Booking Athletic Space (TPASC)​

Keep in mind – space is very limited (a lot of users currently program there)​. If you’d like to use TPASC, you need to be very flexible with your dates/times​. Best practice would be to touch base with us before even starting to plan​.

Bookings have to be in 3 full weeks before your event.​ You MUST book directly with us through INTRANET.​ We have to meet with you at least 2 full weeks before the event date​.

Sign your contract & actually use the space.

If your event requires tables, chairs, decorations, podiums, stage, pipe and drape, or any special furniture, please make this request to campusgroups.utsc@utoronto.ca after your event has been approved. Please note that most classrooms already have furniture in the space that can be rearranged (depending on the type of classroom you have requested, tiered vs non-tiered classroom). You cannot move furniture on your own. 
Audio Visual Support
All audio/visual (A/V) equipment requests must be included in your Intranet booking form. If you are requesting a classroom podium and projector, you do not need to take further action beyond your online request and can proceed to use the AV equipment in whatever classroom you are assigned. 
If you need AV support for anything beyond a classroom podium and projector, you will need to make this request to campusgroups.utsc@utoronto.ca after your event has been approved. For any issues, clubs can contact AV directly at av@utsc.utoronto.ca
BV Hallway Tabling

We have two clubs tables for use​. You can book a table on the Intranet. 

First click the normal booking link, then at the top of the page it will prompt you to ‘click here’ for a BV hallway booking​.

There are three time slots – morning, afternoon and evening​:

  • 9am-1pm​

  • 1pm-5pm​

  • 5pm onwards​

You can select 8 time slots per term​ and can only make a booking 4 weeks prior to the day​. We don’t want a few clubs booking up each and every timeslot in the hallway​.

  • You cannot have Bluetooth speakers or music playing when tabling here as it can be disruptive to classes/tests taking place in the vicinity.

Tabling in Other Spaces

Please make note that you cannot book the entire IC atrium or the Meeting place for tabling. Those spaces are for larger events and will not be approved for tabling. The only exception is Clubs Fair where almost 20+ clubs table at the same time.​

Tabling options on Campus​:

  • BV hallway (booked through Intranet, see above)​

  • IC vestibule (only 2 tables will fit in that space and you will have to request for them)​

  • Student Center (booked via SCSU)

Movie Screenings
If you are planning on screening a copyrighted film on campus, it is your responsibility to make sure your event is compliant with copyright law.
If you are unsure or have any questions, please email scholarly.communications@library.utoronto.ca
Risk Management 
We do this to create an optimal experience for organizers and participants. This protects the community and minimizes liability.
It is for on-campus events only, and we will informally assist you with off-campus events. 
We can assist with risk assessment through one-on-one meetings with your group and an event run-through. 
Clubs Lendable Equipment

@StudentLifeClubsUTSC - Clubs Lendable Equipment UTSC - Benable

Recognized cluibs are able to book Décor items through us for your events. We are always updating and expanding the list of items that are available so please feel free to give us suggestions on what kind of items are most commonly used for your events and we will see if we are able to add them.

Food and Beverage

Submit requests for food & beverage services to OSEW via Intranet (part of the club space booking request form)​. Ensure that the food and beverage vendor meets the requirements outlined by Food Services at UTSC ​

It is not permitted to sell/distribute food that was prepared “at home.”

Any food that is served/sold must be either individually wrapepd or kept under cover to prevent contamination. In addition, cooked food must be kept CONTINUOUSLY HEATED during transport and service (e.g. with chafing dishes). 

Third Parties
If an event will have a third party at their event, a Contractor/External Acknowledgement Form must be completed and submitted to campusgroups.utsc@utoronto.ca. Third parties include, but are not limited to the following groups: guest lecturers/speakers, restaurant caterers (that will remain at the event for its duration) and contractors. If you are unsure of whether you are having a third party at your event, please contact campusgroups.utsc@utoronto.ca.
Student Life Programs will print up to 30 event posters for each student group event. Posters must be approved by the Student Life Officer or Assistant prior to being posted on OSEW bulletin boards or around campus. Painter's tape and thumbtacks can be provided upon request. Please email your poster designs to campusgroups.utsc@utoronto.ca for approval.