Hazard Reporting

Do you see a health and safety or fire hazard that has the potential to cause an incident, accident or workplace disease? Please use this form to notify the Campus Safety Operations department: utsc.utoronto.ca/campussafety/report-a-hazard

Here are just a few examples of types of workplace hazards you could report:

  • Conditions which could lead to a slip, trip or fall, e.g. uneven pavement
  • Obstacles blocking an emergency exit
  • General air quality issues
  • Overhead hazards, e.g. damage to building structure, improper storage of heavy objects or hazardous chemicals on high shelving

If you are an employee, under the Occupational Health & Safety Act's internal responsibility system, safety concerns should first be reported to an employee's immediate supervisor and line management to determine if corrective actions can be taken to address the concerns.