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Laboratory Health and Safety Manual

The Laboratory Safety Program is intended to assist the University in minimizing the risks associated with activities in the laboratory. The Laboratory Health and Safety Manual is a key component of the laboratory safety program at UTSC. The purpose of this manual is to assist lab personnel in the identification and control of hazards in the laboratory. The manual focuses on topics related to general laboratory and chemical safety and should be used in conjunction with any applicable University and/or Departmental programs, standards and procedures.


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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Chemical Safety & WHMIS

3. Laboratory Equipment

4. Laboratory Ergonomics and Physical Hazards

5. Control Measures 

     Unattended Operation Sign

6. Chemical Handling and Storage

7. Hazardous Chemical Waste Disposal

8. Emergency Preparedness Procedures and Equipment

     Laboratory Emergency Response Procedures Part 1

     Laboratory Emergency Response Procedures Part 2

     Laboratory Emergency Response Procedures Part 3

     Laboratory Emergency Equipment Inspection Form

9. Incident Reporting and Investigation Workplace Inspections

     Accident/Incident/Occupational Disease Report for Employees

     Laboratory Inspection Checklist

10. Training

     Laboratory Personnel Training Record


Links to key pieces of legislation applicable to University activities, such as the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act and Workplace Safety & Insurace Act, are provided below.