Accident/Incident Reporting

Incident, Accident & Workplace Disease Reporting

In the case of a reportable incident, accident or workplace disease occurring to an employee, student or visitor, the area supervisor/manager must follow proper reporting procedures. A report must be completed and submitted within 24 hours of the incident. Where supervisors/managers are unable to fully complete the form within 24 hours, the form should still be sent, with the missing information to follow in the near future. For more information, please visit the page.

Reportable incidents are as follows:

  • result in personal injury or lost time from work (including those requiring first aid, and occupational illness);
  • have the potential to result in personal injury or property damage even though no injury or damage actually occurred;
  • occur to any person on university premises;
  • occur to a university employee during the course of his/her work either on or off university premises;
  • occur to a student during the course of his/her classroom, laboratory or field work;
  • occur to a student during the course of a work placement (either paid or unpaid) which forms part of their university curriculum.

A critical injury is defined as an injury of a serious nature that:

  • places life in jeopardy;
  • produces unconsciousness;
  • results in substantial loss of blood;
  • involves the fracture of a leg or arm, but not a finger or toe;
  • involves the amputation of a leg, arm, hand or foot, but not a finger or toe;
  • consists of burns to a major portion of the body, or
  • causes the loss of sight in an eye.

In addition to the reporting requirements outlined above, all critical injuries or fatalities must be immediately reported to the Ontario Ministry of Labour. Note that the reporting requirements to the Ministry of Labour for death or critical injury specify "any person", so this reporting requirement is not limited to employees.