First Aid Training

EHS 304 - First Aid Training

Required for: First Aid Training is available for staff and faculty who are First Aiders at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus. This blended training is for the identified First Aiders and designed to meet the University’s obligations under Regulation 1101 under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act. Only identified First Aiders who are responsible for identified First Aid Stations will be allowed into these sessions. The University will pay for two (2) First Aiders to attend per First Aid Station.

Description: The First Aid Training Course is hybrid and consists of an online portion and an in-person class.

Refresher: Every 3 years

A statement from the WSIB regarding in-person training and expired certifications:

Important update on COVID-19

To help adhere to ongoing restrictions related to COVID-19, and following the advice of public health officials, we encourage providers to continue delivering blended training where possible.

Anyone with an expired certificate will have to get re-certified as the extension is no longer in effect.

The next First Aid Training course for first aid designates on campus will be held on:

To be Determined

- If your request is urgent, please call Kerri and you will be referred to other options as there are no first aid courses currently booked.

Your registration must be approved before you attend the course, as the class sometimes fills up. Please contact Kerri Kistnasami at for details on how to register.

Please note that a charge will be billed to your department if a person registered does not attend. You must give a notice of 5 business days prior to the course start date.