EHS 701 Radiation Safety & EHS 741 X-Ray Safety

Radiation safety training requirements apply to everyone on the list of Authorized Users, including the permit holder.

EHS 701 - Radiation Safety Full

Required for: Persons working with open radioactive sources, who have not been previously trained in radiation safety at the University. Prerequisites: none.

Includes: 2 half-day sessions (in-class), followed by a test with a passing mark of 70%.

Description: The training covers the following topics: basics of ionizing radiation; interaction of radiation with matter; biological effects; instruments used to measure radiation; general procedures used when working with radioisotopes; receiving radioactive materials; emergency preparedness; and administrative controls used at the University.

RefresherEHS 007 - Radiation Safety Refresher (online). This 1-hour refresher course must be taken every 3 years following the completion of EHS 701, EHS 707 / 708, or EHS 704.

Notes: Alternatively, you can fulfill this course requirement by taking EHS 707 - Radiation Safety - 1st Part online followed by EHS 708 - Radiation Safety - 2nd Part which is generally offered in-class 3 times a year. Completion of EHS 707 is a prerequisite for EHS 708. These 2 courses together are equivalent to EHS 701 - Radiation Safety Full.


EHS 741 - X-ray Safety

Required for: Users of X-ray machines or X-ray sources (e.g. analytical, dental or cabinet X-ray equipment). Prerequisites: none.

Description: This online training course is designed to comply with the regulatory requirements set out by the Ministry of Labour (MOL) and the policies of the University of Toronto Radiation Protection Authority (UTRPA). The course explains X-ray production, functioning of X-ray machines, health implications associated with ionizing radiation, measures used for the production from radiation exposure, and X-ray safety regulations.

RefresherEHS 745 - X-ray Safety Refresher (online). This online refresher course must be taken every 3 years following the completion of EHS 741.


EHS 013 - Sealed Sources

Required for: Laboratory personnel working with sealed sources only.

Description: Online course intended for users of equipment with sealed sources, including: irradiators, nuclear gauges, excitation sources, gas chromatographs, static eliminators, aerosol neutralizers, and calibration sources.

RefresherEHS 008 - Sealed Sources Refresher (online). This online refresher course must be taken every 3 years following the completion of the prerequisite course (EHS 710 or EHS 013).

Notes: Important note for irradiator users - all irradiator users must complete EHS 013. Upon completiion of the course, users are advised to contact Hector Rocca for (1) specific work training with the irradiator, and (2) obtaining access to the irradiator room.