General Lab Health & Safety

Lab Coat Information

Having a laboratory coat is the standard attire in all UTSC laboratories. To ensure cleanliness and to reduce the risk of contamination, laboratory coats must be laundered on a regular basis.

UTSC has an in-house lab coat laundering facility located in SW255. The laundering service is open to all UTSC lab faculty, staff, post-docs and graduate students.

Other laboratory related materials can be washed at the facility subsequent to EHS approval.

You must book usage of the facility ahead of time. Please contact or 416-208-2928 for bookings.


Lab Decommissioning

If you are renovating or vacating a lab space, the PI or Facility Manager is responsible for ensuring that all areas have been properly decommissioned from a Biological, Chemical and/or Radiological perspective, before UTSC workers or contractors can safely enter the space. Decommissioning protocols should follow the Guidelines for Laboratory Closure.

The completed Lab Decommissioning Form should be submitted to the UTSC Health and Safety Officer (electronically or via interoffice mail). Upon receipt of the form, the HSO will perform a walkthrough of the space to verify that all the hazards have been removed.

In addition, any large pieces of equipment in these rooms (i.e. fume hoods, refrigerators, etc.) should have a Safe to Remove Tag (shown below) posted on them.  You can acquire hard copies of these tags in the EHS office.

Safe to Remove Tag